Ready for Northland

I have Skye Goodfellow all packed away in the trunk of my Pontiac GrandAm., all except the bed pillow that gives him that added bit of tummy. I admit it’s not how one should treat an angel bear—forgive me, Skye—but my car has to maintain the illusion of not carrying anything of value. It’s the only thing that is keeping the windows from getting smashed.

Tough neighborhood this is, and I’m surrounded on all sides by bastards who’ll do anything to get that next needle in their arms.

Well anyway, I’m happy to have a passable—and budget-priced—set of angel wings for the character to wear at the festival. That flap that you see between the wings is to hide the unsightly wing nuts that hold the wings to the harness. It must’ve come up off of that looped piece of shipping tape that was holding it down just prior to shooting the photo. They wings look kinda papery, but they’re cleaner, and look big enough to plausibly fly an angel bear. I can’t wait ’til I’m wearing it tomorrow. The kids get such a kick out of Skye…

I have agreed to be on the grounds at 7:00 in the morning. to help put up the shelters. I’m sure angels wouldn’t have to do such carbon-based life form things as sleep (I believe them to be energy-based life forms), so here’s hoping Skye lends me some of his energy and endurance. I’m going to need it if I’m going to play him.

Please pray for a cool afternoon tomorrow, as we both like to be out and among our adoring public.


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