DNC delegates and the Blue Bear

I woke up this morning to a welcome sight. Shanley Drive was glistening from a fresh rain. I sucked a huge breath of that moist air into my lungs. It’s been way too long since the last rain.

And another thing. My WordPress blog, Big Skye’s Country, managed to win its way onto another blogger’s blogroll, Ric Booth.

I had tweaked my Tag Surfer last night, trying to find out what other WordPress bloggers were saying about the Democratic National Convention. I hit the jackpot, finding an amazing amount of fodder for what I plan to write.

What I can say about it was that it inadvertently contributed 22 views to my blog Monday night, 7 of whom wanted to find out more about the giant blue statue of a bear that appears to lean up against the Denver Convention Center and peer inside. Could these seven people have been DNC delgates? In case you haven’t heard, the convention is being held in the Pepsi Center (a.k.a. “The Can”), where the Denver Nuggets play, not at the Denver Convention Center.

At the present time, I feel slightly inclined to vote for Obama, even though I don’t see the sense in taking money away from oil companies at a time when they need to be free to do what they do best. Yes, I’m short-sighted, but I don’t quite have enough faith McCain right now. I need to see these two guys debate a little.


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