Mission Accomplished

Eight days have passed since my sweltering, fur-covered foray into my church’s annual Northland Jubilee. So far, the only news to come back from last week’s Northland Jubilee were statistics published in this week’s church bulletin. Among these are:

  • 32 blood pressure screenings
  • 289 face paintings
  • 68 bicycles repaired
  • 52 prayer requests at the prayer tent
  • 1,200 Sno-Cones sold for 20¢ each
  • Over 2,500 people in attendance
  • 160 decisions for Christ

I was heartened, and yet disheartened. No official photos or video were yet released of the event at today’s church service. Also, nothing was yet written about it at Steve Tavani’s Winning Our World International web site. I must confess to being a little bit vain. I wanted to see what kind of impact I and my furry alter ego had on the proceedings.

But there was some comfort that I could take home. During the first of several New Believers’ classes that would be held Sunday mornings following the Jubilee, a woman came into the classroom with a big box full of unclaimed portraits taken at the portrait booth. I went in through the box and pulled out the one you see here. Please pardon the horizontal streak that you see about 2/5 of the way down the picture. The portraits are digital photos that would be printed out on the church’s color printer. Aside from that, beautiful! It’s the very picture of what the costume version of Skye Goodfellow was created to do. Plastic tablecloth covered wacky noodle wings and all.

I love this kind of ministry. I wanna do it again!

Late in the fall!


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