Betty teaches

Today’s New Believers’ class was very well attended. I find that remarkable, considering what they had to face.

This class is taught “tag team” style by Peter, our resident expert on all things Jewish, and a fiery orator named Betty. Today, it was her turn to teach the class.

I walked into classroom #108 to a firestorm of holy rhetoric. Betty has a tendency to rant, to talk very forcefully, as if she’s one side of a heated quarrel. I don’t see anyone in that room challenging what she says, or calling her stupid for believing as she does. I would counsel her to loosen up and relax as she speaks.

This is not, of course, to say she isn’t challenged by someone unseen. Satan knows how to take our feelings and lead them around by the nose. It makes me wonder what invisible demons in the room were saying to people in that room. I can just imagine how the demons try to play the one side against the other.

To Betty, they were probably saying, “Look at their faces! They have more reservations than the Navajo tribe. You gotta make them believe all the way, girl! Preach your heart out! God help you if they walk out of here doubting!”

To the new believers, different story. “This girl thinks she’s Jimmy Swaggart, and you know how phony as a $4 bill he turned out to be. You can’t believe anybody who’s in your face like that with that holier-than-thou accent!”

I would have loved to be a fly in the wall in the unseen spirit world.


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