Gas capped

I was starting to get the “Low Trac”, “ABS”, and “Service Vehicle Soon” lights just about every time I put it in gear.

Frightened out of my gourd that something prohibitively expensive could be going down with Oooh Shinee, I took the car to AutoZone and got it scanned. The thing causing the “Service Engine Soon” light to come on was my lack of a gasoline cap. This lets air into the gas lines. The counter man there didn’t have one of the less expensive non-locking caps, so he sent me up the road to Advance Auto Parts, where I bought one there. Driving home, I admired the comforting sight of an instrument panel unmarred by the ugliness of idiot lights. That can’t help but look good when I drive it to the call center this coming Thursday.

Lately, I’ve been puttering around with OpenOffice Impress, and I’ve discovered motion lines by which I can move text and graphics every which way.

Gosh! The things I can do with it. I guess what I really should be doing is getting into a job situation where knowing how to use presentation software would be important. The only part of OpenOffice from which I’ve been good use is OO Calc, where I’ve been tracking my monthly spending and gasoline usage.

Selling the car has crossed my mind a time or two, but that measure leaves out the possibility that I could get promoted at work, requiring more time spent working in-house.

The only time I ever allow myself to think I’ll get promoted is when it looks like a punishment for mismanaging my assets. Any other time I’m usually wondering how not to get fired. That’s how dissatisfied with me the Boardroom in My Brain is.


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