2008 Early Bowl

I can’t watch this!

I could just about almost cry. I don’t have a working VCR, I can’t afford a DVR, and the 2008 Early Bowl is coming up. #1 USC vs. #5 Ohio State.

Yesterday, ESPN2 showed a fan-produced video in which two scarlet-clad yutzes called for throwing Todd Boeckmann under a bus and starting Terelle Pryor as quarterback. That makes about as much sense as a guy running for President before he’s finished serving his first term as a U.S. Senator.

Shows how much fans know. I just happen to trust the coach. And I happen to trust Pryor’s decision to go with Ohio State. It gives him a chance to learn under a capable mentor instead of having to carry some other school’s program on his shoulders from the first game of his freshman year. I like this wise decision. I think it should be given a chance to play out.

The college football gods

Which brings me to another concern of mine. Are the college football gods still out there, and still thirsty for Number One blood? If they are, it’s not a bad week to be Not Number One. Last year, so many Number Ones got blown out of the water that I honestly think there must have been some kind of intervention by the denizens of Mt. Olympus or something. The gods were angry last year.


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