Floor exercise

I didn’t get to see much of the game. I was worked through both my breaks and got my lunch shortened to 15 minutes. I was busy.


After a thrashing like that, I’m half expecting to hear people whine about how Ohio State robbed their way into the Early Bowl, playing in place of a far more worthy opponent. Sport writers and computers had nothing to do with this one, folks. This is scheduling.

Division 1-A college football has an inherently unfair means of choosing champions. What teams look like to the sports writers is everything. Not only do teams have to beat other teams, they also have to worry about sticking the landing on the dismount.

This makes me worry about the teams being beaten. Are they nothing more than pommel horses and parallel bars to the elite teams? Did Ohio State just get a taste of being the floor in the floor exercise?

Maybe after each game they should show a set of scores from the judges alongside the sidelines. Add them up. Multiply them by a degree of difficulty. This is pretty much what it’s all getting down to.


3 thoughts on “Floor exercise

  1. While I was happy to see USC win–forgive me–I was quite dismayed when I heard that UCLA was thoroughly shellacked by BYU. So my day was a wash…that’s nothing new…

  2. You’re forgiven. Ohio State fans will probably throw a temper tantrum for the next six days, calling for Todd Boeckman’s head—and possibly Jim Tressel’s—but then we’ll join the happy 0-1 crowd in a happy, pressure-free nine weeks of football for football’s sake.
    Still, if I had to compare the Buckeyes to a piece of gymnastic apparatus, I’d pick one that’s hard to look good on, like a vaulting table. It’s hard to do flips and twists in the air and land on a dime.

  3. And just like on the vault, the scores are highly subjective–one judge can see near-flawlessness, another, total failure.

    Just because you have a medal, it doesn’t mean everybody thinks you earned it. (Yes, there may be some a residual grudge from the summer…)

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