Doing what I can…

My credit counselor has called me a couple of days ago with the relatively good news that both of my remaining credit card creditors have accepted the repayment proposals offered them. For the time being, they are done with calling me on the phone and demanding 2 to 3 back payments to bring my account up to date. And 1st Premier Bank, the ripoff artists who caused my difficulty in the first place, are finally paid off and gone.

I’ve mailed in my commitment card to the Franklin County Board of Elections agreeing to work as a Roster Judge at the same Salem Baptist Church voting precinct I worked last March. That should line up some more income.

And I’ve put in applications for some newly opened supervisor and trainer positions in my company.

So much for the good news. The bad news is that I’ve not seen Ron in church last Sunday. Ron is that culinary student I’m going to be tutoring in computer skills for an extra buck or two. What’s going on with him? Time has to be every bit as much his enemy as it is mine. When are we going to get together and work?

I’m doing what I can. One can only pray that there are not too many greedy idiots out there who’ll buy large amounts of the same fuelstuffs we burn to keep warm in the winter and hold them to appreciate in value. Dammit man, that’s not rare coins! Might as well buy up and sit on half the food in the supermarket as do that!

Oh come on now! You can’t really be thinking of doing that, are you?

Well at least pay me a few bucks for being a good financial advisor. I could use it.


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