My place in it all

The nice folks in Congress just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for . . . pork!

I must applaud them for that. Really. They voted against socialism and rewarding people who’ve been stupid with other people’s money.

That’s pretty good for people who’ve been stupid with other people’s money.

Now let us assess my place in the grand scheme of things.

With the help of my credit counselor, I finally got my creditors placated to the point where nobody wants large sums of money right now. My student loan is on an income-sensitve payment plan, my two remaining credit card creditors are being spoon fed through my credit counselor.

Throughout September, and August before it, my bane has been agencies calling me on the phone and looking for two or more payments to bring me current. Making two payments or more is something with which I always have major trouble. Early in September, First Financial Bank had to have three payments to bring me current before they can agree to go on my debt management plan. Later in September, First Delaware Bank had to have two payments, the last of which overdrew my bank account. If I can somehow get to where I can pay every agency only once, then I can rest easier.

I don’t work for an industry where people are likely to buy less of it when the money gets tight. If anything, there might be more calls of the Don’t Send a Tech, Save Me Now!! ilk where the callers are mad because they can’t make it to eSchwab to save their retirement nest eggs. I’ve been working at what I do now for 1¾ years. I’m good, I’m knowlegable, and I don’t see myself getting laid off in a cutback.

Oil plunged $10.52/barrel after the bailout failed. Possible lower gasoline prices? One can only hope…


One thought on “My place in it all

  1. Just watched the President’s appeal to Congress to work out a plan…he said he was “confident we’ll deliver”…but that seemed like a rather shaky delivery, if you ask me.

    Honestly, I wasn’t concerned as much about the economic crisis, at first, even when my pension report showed about a 4% loss from last quarter. It wasn’t until my bank, Washington Mutual, failed, that things started to hit home.

    I’m not too worried about my job situation, either–I’ve finally hit my stride in my area of the warehouse; I’ve learned the benefits of making complaints versus holding them in and suffering in silence; and despite a drop in incoming package volume this year, I applied to be a Driver Helper this peak (holiday) season, so we’ll see if that can’t provide a little more “wiggle room” in the weekly budget.

    And finally, yay for oil for being under $100 a barrel once again–I proved the local news anchor wrong!

    I shoulda’ bet him…I shoulda’…oh well. I, too, am waiting for gas prices to fall.

    Peace be with you!

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