Believing God for…

I came home from church with the distinct impression that God is offering some important improvements to Big Skye’s Country, and all I have to do is ask. That sounds nice.

First off, I would like for you to pray for a new digital camera, by which I can take photos to help provide illustrations for BSC. I’m not looking for anything big and fancy. My present camera is a Lexar that I got from a Walgreens several years ago for $40.00, and I’ll be happy with anything I can get for a similar price from Wal*Mart or eBay. I’d keep using the Lexar, but the battery door on the bottom is chipped and broken and cannot stay closed without help from a generous helping of carton sealing tape.

The second thing I would like for you to believe God for is a newer computer. The slow processing speed of my 10-year-old Micron tower is really becoming a detriment to me. More and more often, as I surf the news pages, I come upon animated advertisements that demand more processor than my computer has, and it crashes Mozilla Firefox. Again, I ask for nothing fancy. The local MicroCenter store has refurbished computers that can be had for around $300. Please pray that God gives me the equipment He wishes me to have.

Perhaps the easiest thing to believe God for would be a 5-gigabyte space upgrade for $20.00 per year. I could conceivably get this done right now. Well, perhaps not right now. Maybe next payday this coming Thursday; I’m flat broke until then. Just the same, I’m sure God’s got big plans for this little stump from which I speak to the world, and I’d like to see it improved in every way I can afford. If you read regularly and enjoy my output, please be in my corner and on your knees.


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