Nation of Traitors, Part 2

Below is the second and final part of my interview with Evan Whittington, who reveals that, amazingly, the public schools are fostering a dependence on the government that is well couched in the writings of Karl Marx.

When I think of an enemy of the United States, I think of a towel-headed zealot with a rifle pointed at me, who hates my guts for no other reason than I was born on these shores. You take the guns and bombs out of the equation. What should I look for in an enemy of the United States?

That’s the stereotype, but the most dangerous threats to our country are right under our noses. Don’t forget that the Communists wrote that the best way to conquer the US was culturally (infiltration from within) and even though we outlasted them, they succeeded in doing just that. Nationalized education, a step progressive income tax and now central banking are among the planks in the Communist Manifesto. The McArthur inquiries were so heavy handed, in part, because of this fear. Nationalism and planning was something that was also written about (and predicted) by FA Hayek in The Road to Serfdom. I don’t worry nearly as much about Islamic Terrorist as I do the government. Both have guns. Both want power over me, but the Islamic extremists have to work a little bit to get to me. The government only has to pass another law. To quote Bill Clinton “…stroke of the pen, law of the land…pretty cool!”.

The vast majority of American voters are unaware that they are supporting, and participating in, high treason against the United States. How do you go about convincing them?

Education is the key. People need to seriously study history. They need to know what led us to this point and what mistakes we are about to repeat. Sadly though, people are disinterested and lazy and will not take those steps. People are more interested in debating who to vote for on American Idol than in seriously addressing who should be running the US.

Few people will argue against our children needing to study math and science. You seem to feel that history and American government are also being neglected, and that opens the door for the teaching of anti-American concepts. At what point do we need to start teaching kids about American government?

I will go back to my own experience in school. My civics education was practically nil. There was the issue that I had no interest in the subject at the time, but there was no requirement for me to take those classes. US History and many other higher level social studies classes were optional. I think it’s never too early to start teaching children about the history of our country. I plan on explaining, the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc to my 2 sons the same way I will immediately begin explaining the historical significance of Christmas and Easter.

You answered part of your own question. The biggest problem we face in historical education in the country is the fact that most kids are brought up in government schools. For the US government to teach history contains a conflict of interest and much of our history has already been modified to accommodate political correctness. Government control over schools, according to Marx, is one of the critical components of Communism and there’s no doubt that once Nationalized education is established, indoctrinated children quickly become the norm.

Now you have me thinking about the government’s role in education. Maybe the government feels it has no business teaching history for fear it would only present a skewed view. Does government have any business at all teaching our children?

The government’s goal in teaching is to maintain a dependency class and the skewed view is very much intentional. This is not some crazy tin-foil hat conspiracy theory. It is very soundly backed up by the writings of Karl Marx. They can’t do that if enough people learn enough to become self sufficient. On the subject of teaching history (world and US), the government has a stated and direct conflict of interest. They will teach according to what they want to accomplish politically and socially.

This subject is something that I’ve actually been wrestling with. I would prefer to get my sons into a private or Christian school, but should he end up in a government school, I will probably not be well liked by the teachers. It’s going to be very hard for me not to point out things that are incorrectly stated in textbooks and, in the case of public schools, I plan on supplementing my kids education with home based projects. My own upbringing in a government school left me severely deficient in some areas and I’m still playing catchup, as evidenced by my scoring 8 of 10 on the Constitution Quiz you pointed me to (….both questions missed were dates and places questions), and I don’t plan on leaving my kids in that same position. I developed an interest in history and constitutional law not long after joining the Libertarian party and, since then, have learned infinitely more than I ever did in school….

Is there a way to start reversing the damage now by teaching adults about our Constitution?

As much as I’d like to express a positive outlook, I have to say no. The biggest problem is that one (weather a child or adult) has to want to learn. “You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink” applies here. I have to say, that during election cycles, people seem more open to information that I have to offer and I’ve even won 1 or 2 people to Libertarianism this year.

The electorate is more interested in who’s winning American Idol than what the politicians are up to.

Simply amazing. Wasn’t all that long ago when we were sending young people to fight and die in Korea and Vietnam to fight crap like this. And now it is actively taught in the public schools.

I just don’t know about this…

Much as I’d like to keep this eye-opening conversation going, I promised myself not to write anything else until I got this interview finished. Meanwhile, life here in the one-bedroom garden apartment here at the Breckenridge Apartments goes on, and I really would like to keep you up to date on that.

Thank you for hanging with me.


4 thoughts on “Nation of Traitors, Part 2

  1. Angelbearoh…your complete post…it’s like I’m reading one of my text books we had during my training as a teacher…”Opvoedkunde vir Onderwysstudente” by WA Landman in English..Pedagogics for trainee teachers..the link i’ve given you is the English-link on his homepage…this man is very clever and we studied Communism too in our training…very interesting post…and I agree with you 100%…sad that our teachers in SA don’t study that anymore…you know it’s about “political correctness”….say no more..

  2. Yes, I misspoke and used the wrong anti-communist “Mc”

    I really do try to proof read these things before I submit them 😉

    nice catch

  3. First, a brief correction:

    “Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Pretty cool.” — Paul Begala, aide to Bill Clinton, speaking July 1998 about Executive Orders.

    In addition, here’s what Marx actually said about public education:

    “But, you say, we destroy the most hallowed of relations, when we replace home education by social.

    And your education! Is not that also social, and determined by the social conditions under which you educate, by the intervention direct or indirect, of society, by means of schools, etc.? The Communists have not intended the intervention of society in education; they do but seek to alter the character of that intervention, and to rescue education from the influence of the ruling class. ”

    Sounds to me like Marx had the same complaints as your interviewee.

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