How God zings me

Election official training

You remember what I wrote about how I worked at the primary election back in March? Back then, voters would come to me with those Authority to Vote Slips that tell me what ballots they would be voting, either Republican or Democrat, this precinct or that precinct? In the general election, I’m going to be looking up voters in the roster and writing those Authority to Vote slips.

I just found out this morning that the Vets Memorial Hall on West Broad Street in Columbus, OH has free parking. I will be taking my car down to my training class tomorrow morning.

How God zings me

I don’t know how to enjoy Jesus.

When I listened to a podcast from a few days ago from Joe Stowell, who writes a daily devotional titled Strength for the Journey, it struck me that I just don’t know how to enjoy the presence of Jesus who is right next to me. This sure takes the wind out of the sails of hoping for a place called “Heaven”, and expecting it to make me happy when I’m dead and gone. I think of the words of a classic hymn:

I come to the garden alone
While the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear
Falling on my ear
The Son of God discloses

I dunno. Maybe I’m just not the garden type. What is my favorite meeting place for meeting the Lord? Why a garden? Gardens are beautiful and peaceful, to be sure, but why a garden for me? For a tech-head like me, why not … Second Life? I’ve never been to Second Life because I cannot afford a newer computer. In the absence of Second Life, the blogosphere is my consolation. My thoughts on this important matter have not quite gelled. Maybe I should wait and write about them later when they have.

One thought on “How God zings me

  1. How fortunate that you landed on the “Free Parking” spot with the roll of the dice. I know south Orange County could use a couple of those. Doctor’s offices, libraries, restaurants…you gotta’ play to play.

    Irvine…The Capital of Capital…The Monument to Money.

    *ahem* But I digress…

    When it comes to The Lord, I’ll admit I’m no expert. Heck, I’ve waffled in my faith several times now…but each time I stepped back in, I started to look more at “the big picture.” In my life, oftentimes, if I tried to plan a goal using a specific route…it failed. However, just going day-by-day, taking one personal victory at a time…before I knew it, I was where I wanted to be.

    What am I trying to say here? Again, I’m no expert…but I’m finding that, instead of simply asking the Lord, “How can I be a better Catholic?’ when I get down and pray…if I just make myself more receptive, more aware of everything around me, I’m finding I’m learning more about my faith now that the years I spent in Spanish Catechism (at a time when I was hardly fluent in that language).

    I just simply let the Lord take the lead, and wherever He takes me, I know I’ll be the better for it.

    This brings to mind one of the songs the Youth Band at my church has performed at Mass:

    “I wanna be holy just like You
    I wanna go where You lead me to
    With reckless abandon to Your truth
    I wanna fall deeper in love with You”

    And, those that know me know that I’m no stranger to “reckless abandon.” *laughs*

    Well, I think that’s enough from me. Like you said yourself, you should take some time for inner reflection on something like this. I wish you the best of luck with that, good sir.

    P.S. My inner circle of friends–many of them furries–keep pestering me to download “Second Life”, but I don’t think that’ll happen. I mean, come on, I’ve got plenty of things to work on in my “first life”; you want me to build up ANOTHER one? There aren’t enough hours in the day, I tell you! –Padby

    P.P.S. I REALLY need to learn the formatting tags to this puppy… –Padby

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