Training to be a roster judge

I left Election Official training yesterday afternoon with my head swimming.

Let’s see. If the voter’s address doesn’t match the one in the poll book, but the name does, I let him vote on the machine. If the name doesn’t match, or he doesn’t have the right ID, I have to send him to the paper ballot table for a provisional ballot. And he gets one of those yellow envelopes. And if they have to do a provisional ballot but can’t write well enough to do it on paper, I have to let them do it on the machine, but then I have to fill out one of those special blue envelopes. Right?

Darn! I’ll never get it all down pat by Election Day. I’ll have to go to one of those supplemental practice classes they have at the end of the month. Oh, and they’ll pay me an extra $10 to go to one, too.

An extra $10 is good. Yes.


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