Lean times

Window insulation

From the same people who gave you (or gave me) the famous Dollar Tree Angel Bear Wings comes a sensational product called the Dollar Tree Window Insulation.

It comes in the form of clear vinyl tablecloth protectors, which when used with my existing supply of clear carton sealing tape, insulates the two windows of my one-bedroom apartment quite nicely. And Dollar Tree has quite a few of them. Cost: $2.00. I expect it to pay for itself in roughly two days. But then again, maybe not. Here at the Breckenridge, natural gas used for heating is totaled up and averaged out among all residents. I’m not going to save much unless I can convince all residents to go and do likewise.


At the call center where I work, whenever not enough calls come in to justify keeping all those people around, we send some of them home. Quite a few times, that hapless crowd included me. Because of that, the last couple of paydays have been very lean ones. Last year, things were good, and I could always count on being called on the phone and asked to work a few extra hours. This year? Cut off early!

I made my late car payment, so “Oooo Shinee” will stay in the driveway for now, but I’m still in danger of losing my electricity. I could use some prayers.

That does not bode well when I’m still paying off that Internet loan shark from last spring. When all is said and done and the loan is paid off, they will enjoy 2.6 times the money I originally borrowed. I need to find a way to show them the last two paychecks and see what kind of concessions they’ll let me have.

Concessions? From people that wicked? I don’t think so.

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