Job Update

MagicJack update

I finally got an audience with one of MagicJack’s helpdesk agents. According to him, I have indeed overstayed my welcome as far as outgoing calls go. He says incoming calls are still free, but from now on outgoing calls will cost 1¢ per minute, and I will have to purchase my time in advance at Barring tire blowouts or car breakdowns, it makes driving to work cheaper.

That’s fine with me. Quite frankly, at this point I don’t care if I never work another day from home. I just want my phone service back so I can have a working home number to put on my résumé. I was worried about lack of a functional home phone number keeping potential new employers from contacting me.

Firing deadline

My present job is in danger of becoming the first job since the overly punitive API Security to employ me for longer than two years. In all other jobs, a strange, irresistible set of uncontrollable circumstances would always kick in which would result in my ouster. Plain ol’ doing the job well never really helped me keep a job, such is my luck.

I don’t know if there’s a hard, fast deadline the Employment Gods have to observe concerning me and how long I’m employed at the call center, but if they want to see me fired or forced out in under two years, they better get it in gear. It will be fascinating to see how they’ll go after my head in the month they have left to them.

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