Man, I couldn’t be happier. Ohio voters are showing themselves to be pretty smart.

First, let’s talk about Issue 5, in which a “Yes” vote favors keeping the 28% APR cap that “payday lenders” can charge on personal loans. In spite of wording the issue so that “No” allows the lenders to continue charging their present 391% (confused voters tend to vote “No” on most anything), in spite of outspending the “Yes” side 60 to 1 and characterizing Issue 5 as governmental meddling, identity theft looking for a time and a place to happen, and a hatchet job to Ohio jobs, Ohio voters still approved Issue 5, currently 65% to 35%.

Way to go, Ohio! Nobody can feed you a steady diet of baloney for three months and expect to get away with it. You took the time to read the ballot and find out what it was really all about. My halo is off to you.

And you rejected the money-leeching effect a resort casino in Wilmington, OH will have on you, too, by currently 63% to 37%. Granted, I don’t have the personal stake in the casino that I have in payday lending, but I think both are evil ploys to prey on the people with poor math skills. I must congratulate you on that good call, too.


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