Ooh Shineee needs brakes

Ooo Shineee needs brakes

I’ve just ordered a new aftermarket brake rotor for “Oooh Shineee” from Auto Parts Warehouse for $30. Now I need a nice warm garage in which to install it. And maybe a little bit of technical help. And maybe some brake pads on the cheap.


ChaCha.com is a service where customers text or call questions in from their cell phones on almost any subject, and Guides like I’m trying to be earn their scratch by answering these questions in 160 characters or less and tossing in an authoritative web site they can go to for more information. Before I can start answering questions for real money, I have to read the ChaCha Guide’s Handbook and take their Readiness Test.

I’ve read the handbook and gotten to where I can take the Readiness Test, but there’s a catch. The Readiness Test consists of signing onto ChaCha and searching ten questions for real customers and letting the QA people evaluate my performance.

Try doing that when no questions will come in. That doesn’t exactly sound like I’ve gotten myself a job.


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