Automotive chivalry

It’s got to be a chivalry kind of thing. Valiant knights don’t like to see damsels in distress remain in distress. Nowadays, knights errant like to come to the aid of four-wheeled damsels. Let me tell you about the knight who came to the aid of Ooo Shinee.

Fred—I never bothered to learn his last name—is an African-American fellow who saw me working vainly to break loose the retaining bolts on the back of my brake calipers. For a long time he was a trucker with J. B. Hunt Trucking, but since then had to go on disability retirement.

Fred has moved into the town house right next door to the rental office. He’s got a stove that needs moved. One observation he’s made about the Latinos that live at the Breckenridge: they like to drive pickup trucks, and they’re generous, if not with their money, then certainly with whatever else they got. He’s hoping he can get one of them to help him move that stove.

The damage to the left front brake was worse than I had thought. The caliper piston was hyperextended from the brake pads being worn down way too low, meaning the whole brake caliper had to be replaced. That meant a ride to AutoZone aboard the #87 bus to spend more money I didn’t want to part with. Not a whole lot of choice here. Either buy the caliper, or I don’t get to work tonight.

By rights, the job should have cost only $26 and change for the brake pads, but I went and let the rotor and the caliper get too far gone. I’ll chalk it up to the dumb mistakes everybody makes that cost extra money. Thank God for the extra money I earned at the general election.

Look for me at the dollar cinema next Tuesday. Movies help folks get through the 20th Century Great Depression, so I figure it’ll get me through the rough patch in the 21st Century.


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