Lack of demand

The price of regular gasoline at the Shell station in my neighborhood has come down to $1.599.

Behold the magic one can make when you can get nearly all of America to hoard their cash like their next paycheck could be their last.

Now if we can only do the same thing to milk. What I wouldn’t give to be able to buy a half gallon for $1.00 again.

The last paycheck

The last paycheck was reasonably good, and I have incurred no overdrafts to counteract it. I have two payments that still have to come out of the remaining money automatically. A payment to an online payday lender that I borrowed from last spring, and a collection agency that skip traced me earlier this month. There might not be enough money to pay the December rent. I am really in dire need for the money I earned working the general election.

Oh well. We still have six days left in the month to see how this all shakes out.

Please all be in prayer for me. If by the grace of God I can somehow make it to the month of March intact, then the online payday loan that I took out last spring will be paid off, and I’ll have $180 per month of discretionary income that I can devote to other things, like tires for Ooo Shinee. Fred, the mechanic dude on the far side of Shanley Drive, is a Sam’s Club member, and he says he can help me get my tires for a discount.

Or if gas prices stay low next spring, perhaps a trip in that car to the Ocean City Doo-Dah Parade. I suspect the gas prices will stay low, as this will not be an easy economic funk for us to pull out of overnight.


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