The monster leg cramp

From here on out, I resolve not to go to bed without two full glasses of water and some stretching exercises.

Last night about 4:15 AM, I got a cramp in my left calf. A monster one. I’ve never had anything hurt so badly before. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I’m pretty sure the neighbors didn’t appreciate me screaming from the pain and begging God for mercy.

So, I went to the Infinity 99¢ Store, bound and determined to get me some of the Vitamin B-12 the Mayo Clinic web site said I would need to prevent another monster cramp. I didn’t find any B-12 in the store’s remarkable array of over the counter medications, but I did find something in the rack that contains herbal remedies. Healthy Sense Relax & Sleep. I haven’t taken any, but I did find some interesting things in the ingredients list on the side of the bottle. Valerian root extract, passion flower herb, celery seed powder, catnip powder, hops powder, and dried orange peel. Quite a list of weird stuff that I intend to put into my body, and I’m not quite sure it will work. But I do have my old standby, Hot Blue Ice Analgesic Gel, a menthol-based topical stuff, light blue, about the same consistency as pudding.

Since Infinity requires a purchase of at least $5.00 before I can use my debit card, I had to walk around and buy some additional things. The store has all the college ruled notebook filler paper anyone could want. I almost bought a pack of 150 sheets, but then I remembered I still had quite a bit of the stuff. At least I know where to go when I need more. Which isn’t very soon.


One thought on “The monster leg cramp

  1. A few of the science teachers and professors I’ve studied under seem to agree that the best remedy for nighttime leg cramps is a banana, due to its high levels of potassium. I always buy a bunch when I visit the grocery store.

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