Counting blessings

Today’s the day when all are encouraged to enumerate all the ways in which you are quite well off.

I can count at least 20.

  1. Alive.
  2. In a warm apartment.
  3. Not in prison.
  4. Not in a hospital.
  5. Not in a homeless shelter.
  6. Have a car.
  7. Have a job.
  8. Have a computer.
  9. With Internet access.
  10. 2 blogs and several art sites.
  11. Know HTML and how to write Web pages.
  12. I can write well so as to not bore you.
  13. Television and stereo.
  14. Smooth jazz and contemporary Christian music.
  15. Stuff to eat.
  16. Coffee to drink.
  17. Several imaginary friends.
  18. And I can draw pictures of them.
  19. Within easy driving range of a $1.00 2nd run cinema.
  20. My heavenly Father gave me all the above.

Not a bad set of blessings after just a few minutes of counting, eh? I’d have to say I’m doing well.


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