Palm peril

This afternoon, as per my custom, I drove to the Screens at the Continent to see City of Ember. On the drive southbound on I-71, I felt around my pockets and found that my Palm IIIxe PDA was missing.

I went back to Auditorium #8 and searched the front row where I had been sitting. It wasn’t there. It had gone where gravity could not take it, and was presumably in the hands of someone who had a drug-dealing fence in mind for it. Shame I can’t be there to see the guy getting bitched out for trying to turn in a worthless, outdated piece of junk instead of the iPhones and Blackberries he was probably sent after.

I mean, who uses the Palm IIIxe anymore?

But the Palm could still yield several hundred dollars worth of information about me. It did not contain my Social Security number or my birth date, so I need not worry about any new credit card accounts materializing with my name on them, but the Owner page does have my bank account number. Time for damage control. Better go straight to the bank and move my money to a new account.

Then I went to eBay and plunked down a $10.00 bid on another IIIxe. There’s 7 hours left on that auction, and I expect to win.

One thought on “Palm peril

  1. Who uses the IIIxe anymore? I do. 🙂 I’ve had mine since 2000 and I’ve never had any desire to upgrade since it does everything I want it to do and I’ve never had the issues with it that a few other people apparently have. Excellent little piece of technology, for sure.

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