Winning the replacement IIIxe

I’ve won the replacement Palm IIIxe on eBay, and it’s going to cost me $7.99 plus $7.50 shipping. I was the only bidder. A very good price, to be sure, and it only underscores the futility of picking one out of my pocket, if indeed such a thing has happened.

Good luck trying to sell the one you took from me, buster! It is my personal policy not to buy more or better stuff than I can tolerate losing, and that policy is going to win the day.

Still, the $15.49 I spent today worries me. It could be the fluttering butterfly that can cause one thing and the next and the next until finally I get a financial tornado that wipes out the January rent payment. Already, in the transfer of my money over from one account to the next, I let the bank officer put me on this Points deal that starts a savings account that transfers $25 per month over from checking, and I don’t know for sure if I’m going to be getting that much of a raise this month.

Incidentally, it’ll be my two year anniversary in two days. My annual review comes up. Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “Winning the replacement IIIxe

  1. Hooray for you eBay conquest.

    I will pray for your success at your review.

    And…where is the location depicted on your splash banner?

  2. That photo is of a group of shops in northern Columbus called the Continent, along Busch Boulevard north of Dublin-Granville Road. The fountain you see there is right next to a cineplex called the Screens at the Continent, a very economical second-run movie house, especially on Wednesdays, when you can go in to see your movie for $1.00, plus buy snacks and beverages for $1.00 each.

  3. It would be weird if the one you bought was the same one you lost.

    I’ve got to start checking ebay for $8 IIIxes.

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