Growing up on the internet

Growing up on the Internet

My Internet usage has been changing as of late. I don’t MUCK or IRC chat as much as I used to. Instead, I’m more or less preoccupied with blogging, as though I am at heart a journalist and a commentator. I feel called upon to write about what’s happening in my immediate vicinity for public consumption.

Am I … growing up? Are more important uses of the Internet emerging over the more frivolous ones?

Or am I more concerned about my legacy? Maybe I want to make sure that the body of work I leave behind is a good one. I’m pretty sure that a blog would serve that purpose far better than would a MUCK, assuming that MUCKing has not yet seen its final days.

Possible podcast?

Or perhaps a podcast would be better still. Since installing Windows XP, my microphone has begun to work, and I’ve experimenting with a sound file program named Audacity. I don’t know how long at a stretch I can record my commentating or how to mix it with the music found at

Part of me wants to put on a podshow, and another part of me chafes at the thought, arguing that it’s hard enough to come up with good material for a blog, much less a podcast. Which side of me is wrong?

Okay, if I’m going to have a podshow, then I’m going to have to have theme music.

And a theme! What will I do that sets me off from all the other podshows?

Obviously that of a spiritual guy struggling with his strange attraction to some really weird young people who look like wolves but behave like sheep.

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