Two hours to think

The people who had put my new Palm IIIxe up for auction told me that they had made a mistake in the advertising. The device has no front cover. They offered to refund my money.

Before I could make my decision about whether to take them up on it, the power to my apartment went out. Some electricians from New Line Electrical had to fix something in one of the main breaker boxes outside the 1682 building. Two hours, they said.

Two hours to think about my next move, I guess. Two hours to curse illegal drugs, or the economy, or whatever else it is that is making it necessary to steal anything that is not bolted down.

I almost called out to God for justice against thieves, conveniently forgetting that I myself am guilty of the crime. I haven’t been pitching His piece of the action into the offering bag lately, rationalizing that the effect is still the same. A legalized loan shark is taking away 15% of my income. Do I not have to learn to get along without that?

Bah! I will still grumble. Yes, Lord, I am a thief, but what is happening to me is still bad. Unlike You, what is taken from me will be sorely missed.

By the way, I opted for the refund, because the sellers had a second Palm IIIxe up for auction, currently going at $5.99, with 4 hours left on it. I should win it.


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