Writers and artists rejoice

At the end of Christian Assembly’s Christmas music and dance program Light For the World, I was stopped by a guy who expressed interested in the artwork that I sketched in the Charisma Café roughly an hour before the church service. He told me he was in charge of the church’s web site and was trying to fill it with quality content and will eventually tell the church about it. He wanted to know if there were any online links to any of my comic artwork. I gave him a link to my WordPress blog.

Now I don’t expect much to come to fruition very soon, but nonetheless this excites me. I had come to think of Christian Assembly as a primarily music and dancing church with very few opportunities held out to graphic artists and writers. The revamped church web site, with the possibility of getting Big Skye’s Country on its blogroll, could change that. Many new readers can be encouraged to read BSC, and better still, some might even be encouraged to write blogs of their own.


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