Replacement PDA

It took me a few days longer than I expected, but I bid on, won, and paid for a replacement Palm IIIxe PDA from eBay just yesterday. For now, I’m still stuck with writing on a clipboard until it comes in.

During my exploration on eBay for the replacement PDA, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should get a Palm Treo or Blackberry. Is it worth that kind of upsetting of the apple cart to go with a different device?

After all, the Palm IIIxe was great for the job I assigned to it, the gathering of data out in the field and keeping other data available to me out in the field. I tracked my spending with the MyCheckbook program, and tracked my gasoline usage using JMileage. Granted, I had to laboriously copy and paste Web articles into MakeDocJr for porting into the device, a job made obsolete by the Blackberry’s Web and email capabilities. What keeps me from jumping over to the Treo and Blackberry is twofold, the initial cash outlay and the possible loss of MyCheckbook and JMileage. I would need to know if Treo and Blackberry can do those things before I consider changing. I will need to do some research into what apps are available for them.

And the IIIxe had enough memory to hold a copy of the King James Version Holy Bible. That’ll be another tough thing to part with. But then again with Web capabilities I can surf to Bible Gateway. That problem is solved.


One thought on “Replacement PDA

  1. Well, I guess we can now properly congratulate you on your eBay acquisition. *chuckles*

    I’ll tell you what: you’re a brave bear for considering either the Treo or Blackberry. I could’ve opted for either phone when my previous 2-year commitment with Sprint expired this past April. However, I decided to stick with Sanyo and go for their Katana DLX flip phone…and I’m happy with that.

    My main fear of going with a smartphone…is that I’ll get too attached to it. Some of the people who work at the radio stations near Los Angeles come down to Orange County, and I go to so many events, I’m on good terms with many of them. And all of them have Blackberry phones are always, saying, “Man, I hate this thing!” And yet, they’re constantly, checking it, typing something, and re-checking it.

    I have enough to focus on as it is.

    Granted, I’m pretty connected my cell phone, but that’s because I don’t have a landline (at the moment). But it has a calendar for appointments…I have all my phone numbers in there (it has a backup feature, but I still have to figure it out fully, since I don’t want to opt for the $2/month automatic backup Sprint offers)…I can access the Net (although it’s not true browsing), I can even use the main IM programs (Live, AIM, Yahoo) with it.

    *shrugs* I don’t know. We’ll see how things change in another 2 years. But in any case, good luck with your research!

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