A chance to Be the Hero

Business SkyeThe story you’re going to read is true. The names were changed to protect … me!

One particular customer talked to one of our agents about why our antivirus software will not install. Our agent finds out that she still has the remnants of Brand X Antivirus still on her computer that will not come out with running only Add or Remove Programs. She needs to follow it up by running Brand X’s supplemental removal tool. Our agent tells the customer we do not support the removal of Brand X’s software and refers him over to Brand X tech support.

Now I will say this in that agent’s defense, he’s quite within his duties in saying we don’t support it. He did nothing wrong, at least not as seen from our end. I mean, who wants to be responsible for supporting the removal of third party software and botching it up out of lack of knowledge and experience?

The trouble came when the Brand X tech support people would not answer their phone. Probably some technical dificulty, but you know how customers take things like this personally. After one full agonizing hour of listening to their hold music, she calls our company again and ends up with me. On the phone, she’s nice as all get-out in a situation where she had every right to bitch me out in seething hot displeasure, so I felt it fell to me to save the company’s face, strike a blow for tech support justice, and best of all, Be the Hero.

Never turn down an opportunity to Be the Hero. It leads to Employee of the Month awards like the ones my company has not awarded since October 2007.

I decided to play by “All The Way, All By Myself” rules. If she doesn’t have the promised virus protection by the time she puts down the phone, I promised myself at least one lost customer.

Well, fortunately, we do have among our tech support documents a list of incompatible Brand X antivirus products that come complete with links to their web site. Led her through this list of incompatibles through to the Brand X support site and stood over her while she ran the removal tool. Then I led her to our site and watched her all the way through the download and installation.

It resulted in a positive escalation. The second in two weeks. If that doesn’t help me keep my job, nothing will.

3 thoughts on “A chance to Be the Hero

  1. Ah, one of those maverick support agents, are we?

    *laughs heartily* Heh, so was I back in my time.

    But, the scene is familiar across other workplaces, as well. Take my current job: during this holiday, or “peak” season as we call it, I was often working with “double-shifters”, and the warehouse works in the completely opposite way from one shift to the other.

    Now, though I work with the double-shifters, they’re not my responsibility; that’s the supervisors’ job. Unfortunately, they’re not around when you need them, but they hang over you when you don’t. So, rather than wait for a super to properly instruct a d/s-er on safety, equipment, and other procedures, I just take the initiative and show ’em the ropes myself.

    And, guess what? They do a bang-up job now; my d/s-er and I were always getting praise for our efficiency…until they started relegating me to the other side of the warehouse. *sighs* Christmas can’t soon enough…

    Peace out, good sir!

  2. Since I talk to my customers far more than anybody else in the call center, in my heart, I consider them closer to being my “boss” than anybody in the call center.
    And they act more like I think bosses ought to. They scream quite loudly, and you have to give them what they want.

  3. “And they act more like I think bosses ought to. They scream quite loudly, and you have to give them what they want.”

    Ha! That’s my unload manager right there.

    Though honestly, I could do without the screaming…

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