Christmas visit from Skye

Ugh! After work, the long walk back to my car in the far corner of the parking lot was nothing short of excruciating. The temperature had fallen to 4° (all temperatures in Farenheit), and if that had not been enough I was walking westward against a 30 MPH easterly wind. It literally caused pain to my face.

Phoenix Audubon would think twice about wishing such weather upon California.

Ooo Shinee barely started, and I made it all the way to southbound I-71, some 7 miles of driving, before the car finally made its normal peak engine temperature of 200°F. Must really be cold out there.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of taking my Skye Goodfellow costume out for visits in the neighborhood on Christmas morning. By then, according to the local weather forecast, the temps should have rebounded to the range of 32° to 36°. It would be fun for most folks involved.

A major concern of mine would be the footpaws on the costume. They are furry house slippers with a slab of car floor mat glued onto the soles. Not much rubber between the rim and the road. Would probably be too cold on my feet.

So how do I boost the insulation down there while still maintaining the appearance of a winged spirit that’s probably impervious to the cold? Well, I have a pair of scuff sandals that I don’t expect to be wearing for another summer, so I cut off the straps and super-glued the ¾” soles to the soles of the footpaws. That should make my bear feet feel a little less barefoot.

Welcome to winter, Skye.


One thought on “Christmas visit from Skye

  1. “Phoenix Audubon would think twice about wishing such weather upon California.”

    *waves one finger in air* Nevah!!! *laughs*

    You know what I see outside my window right now? Rain! Glorious rain! I am grateful for every day of rain we get here…until I hear the traffic reports and all the accidents on several of the freeways. Then, I am grateful I only have to travel up one thoroughfare, State College Blvd, to get to and from work and home.

    Besides that, it’s also currently a “mild” 48°F outside. The local FOX morning news went out to a reporter from Painesville, OH, to talk about “lake effect” snow and such.

    So much snow…what a beautiful sight…and my snow jacket continues to gather dust.

    Anyways, so it appears you’ve decided to make the rounds on Christmas morning, have you? That definitely sounds like it would be fun to be greeted by the Angel Bear on such a special day. I hope you bring many smiles to people, and in return, they shower you with praise.

    Just a couple of days to go!

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