Goals for 2009

Sorry. I was unable to get much blogging done over the past three days. The two days after Christmas has proven to be a type of Christmas in its own right, with customers having many new computers and game systems, that either needed adding to their wireless home networks, or needed a copy of the free antivirus software. The call center’s phones got slammed, and I was called in early. I’m going to get a glorious total of 5 hours of overtime on top of the 7 hours of holiday pay I earned on Christmas

Here are my goals for the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Nine…

Get through the entire year without taking out any payday loans. In 2008, it became illegal in the state of Ohio for lenders to charge more than 28% APR for loans. In April, I hope to pay of the last of the debilitating high interest loans that I took out in 2008, and I will breathe the clean air of freedom from predatory loans.

Stay employed. Outside of a certain cable Internet provider becoming entirely dissatisfied with the entire call center for which I work, I see no reason why I cannot do this. I consider myself one of the best agents they have, and at long last, I can feel myself becoming more comfortable with my work.

New tires for Ooo Shinee. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening until April, when I am finally out from under my payments to 1st Delaware Bank. I have not changed the car’s tires since buying it in January of 2007, and as soon as I finish paying that loan, I’m going to make the tires a top priority. Until then, I’ll have to keep a close eye on the weather forecast, and be not afraid to take a day off due to bad roads.

Newer computer. Don’t look for this until May at the earliest, when I have Ooo Shinee in better shape than now, and the heating bills start to come back down. The Internet is fast becoming an overblown thing filled with animated advertisements that require more processing power than my Micron Tower has to offer. There will be plenty of time to reassess what I want to do on the Internet. Rest assured, it will be in some way productive.


2 thoughts on “Goals for 2009

  1. Oh. Well, the only thing that’s important to me is getting that cartoon bear avatar next to my comments, and there’s no need to join Intense Debate to get it. Thanks for coming over to my place. Means a lot to me.

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