Javascript and scare tactics

Recently, I got the crazy idea to learn Javascript. The people at claim that Javascript can be easily picked up by anybody with a good working knowledge of HTML. And perusing through the lessons, it does seem easy. I saw how I can declare variables and do arithmetic with them, manipulate strings, put the computer through counting loops, and so on.

How useful Javascript is for a guy like me who only wants to entertain people with a couple of blogs is another debate for another day. One thing I have found out that one can do with Javascript is make an alert box, one of those official-looking boxes that seem to spring out of the operating system.

If people knew how easy these were to make, they wouldn’t be so quick to take them so seriously.

I seem to have hit upon one of the deceptive tactics used by the scoundrels who write the rogue antivirus “scarewares” that bilk so many people out of their money. With one of these alert boxes, it’s a piece of cake to convince a computer user that their PC is infected and well on its way to running off to join a botnet.

Another thing I saw on YouTube is a video from Fireworks Tutorial that purportedly shows an really simple way to remove Antivirus 2009.

I’m not sure how truthful this video is. It claims that Antivirus 2009 operates by showing the user an exact copy of the Windows Security Center that is supposed to tell the user what antivirus software is handling the virus protection chores. In Antivirus 2009’s copy, the virus protection is “not found”.

You can’t pitch a program into the Recycle Bin that’s currently running. According to the video, Antivirus 2009 keeps itself from being recycled by keeping a simple, do-nothing process called “av2009.exe” going in the background. Find this process in Windows Task Manager and kill it, and you should be able to delete the program.

I don’t think it’s that simple.


One thought on “Javascript and scare tactics

  1. JavaScript is one of those things that you will love or hate enough to…
    Well if it were a person, you would take a shovel to its head.

    That said, there are lot of useful utilities (unlike the scareware) that you can write.

    Of course the down side is that, chances are, almost every utility that at least I could think of, was already written by someone else.

    Either way, it’s good to know something else on the side. You don’t know if you’ll be blogging forever. Maybe you may move on to building your site on a separate host or something.

    It might be useful to know some of this stuff.

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