What am I doing that’s important?

I have a bunch of “raw drawings” of Roland Redpelt all ready to scan into my computer and color using Gimp. I could put them up on Fur Affinity and get a few “awws” out of them.

Trouble is, they are not part of a comic or any kind of a story. I feel like I would be wasting my time trying to color them. They are not important enough. They serve no useful purpose. They will only waste storage space on some server.

I don’t feel I should be putting anything up on the Internet unless it is good for somebody. Funny how I should be having an attack of conscience like this when other people have no problem putting scarewares up on the Internet that deliberately lie to people about how many viruses and spywares they have in their computers, and force people like me to deal with them. Funny how my art can somehow be unworthy of the Internet when there are things up there that are far worse. But, unworthy they are.

One thought on “What am I doing that’s important?

  1. Never hesitate to upload and spread artwork, no matter what kind or whether it has a purpose. People like to look at things which are there for no reason and realize someones hard work went into doing that.

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