Financial hypermiling

I’m not doing well, I must confess.

The first payday of the month is spent writing all the automatic and mandatory charges out of my checkbook, until I’m down to about $70 or $60, followed by two weeks of the best financial hypermiling I can possibly do.

I’m starting to think that maybe that $20 spent bumping my WordPress blog up to a total 8 GB of storage space wasn’t the best idea in the world, or my printer doesn’t need all that extra refill ink, or maybe two or three days of regular eating could have been done with what I spent on that take-out dinner from Mark Pi’s. The situation’s not good when I think on what I should have done rather than on what can be done now.

Bah! I hate this hypermiling. That means two more weeks of hardly going anywhere.

This week, I’m going to insist on both my days off. So what kind of fun can I have for free?

One thought on “Financial hypermiling

  1. “Hypemiling”…had to hit up Urban Dictionary to find that one…

    But yes, I’ve had those “Funny, I swear I had more money when I planned this weekly budget out…” moments. More than I can count…more that I care for…

    Good luck with the entertainment, good sir.

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