Change in schedule

Call center iconMy work schedule is changing starting next Sunday. I will be working Sunday through Thursday from midnight to 8:00 AM. From what I hear about this shift, it’s a quiet shift that will afford me more time to do some cartooning or writing blogs. I’ll also be working be working under a new supervisor.


Curiously enough, I am still listed as a WAHA (Work at Home Alternative) agent. The project manager has suspended me from working at home until I can bring my QA scores back up to the required 85%. I’m not worried though, as there are other numbers that also have to improve before I can work from home, namely how much of my income I am allowed to keep. Once all my payments to (I Did Not) Think Cash are done at the end of March, then I can afford a landline phone.

But the landline phone is not quite to the top of my wish list yet. Remember my Goals for 2009, which call for new tires for the car in the month of April. Hopefully in time for a road trip to Ocean City in time for the Doo-Dah Parade.

WOO-HOO, too!!


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