When to sleep

With wide armsMuch as I want the world to believe in a glorious angel bear, everyone’s bosom pal, winging his flight through the heavens, dropping cheer and platitudes and miracles like tiny, shining paratroopers everywhere he goes, the fact still remains that I’m human.

I still have to decide which of the daytime hours will be my bedtime.

This may hamper my church activities at a time when my church is discovering that I have some talents to give and deciding how best to make use of them. Its only service is still Sunday morning at 10:00 AM through 12:30 PM. In all other churches that have dared to offer evening services, the evening service is a paltry shadow of the morning service. Some people never attend any other time than Sunday morning, and it is only then that they can be reached with my brilliance.

The shift change offers the first access to prime time TV programming I’ve had since both my VCRs went bad sometime last year. (Those accursed roaches! May they never bear another clutch of eggs!)

Sleep in the morning, or sleep in the evening? Gad! Why do we have to sleep at all? Life is too much fun to have to waste â…“ of it unconscious.

And certainly too much fun to chop it short like too many misguided souls in the furry fandom do.


2 thoughts on “When to sleep

  1. Ah yes, my love/hate relationship with sleep. Since I work early mornings, the obvious choice would be to sleep right after work and/or breakfast (usually my second one). However, if I do that, it cuts into time I have to run errands, as I often will sleep from about 10 AM-3PM (or later), PST.

    The other option would be to stave off sleep, either through copious amounts of coffee, sheer will, or some combination of the two. The thought behind that would be that I will be likelier to fall asleep at a “normal” time, around 8 PM or so. However, this method often backfires, such that I either get caught up in something, or I just don’t feel tired, until around 11 PM or so…and my first alarm is often set to go off before 2 AM.

    This is why I often don’t wake up on Saturday and Sunday until close to, or after, noon.

    On the other topic, I’ve found that St. Angela Merici’s 5 PM Sunday Mass seems to be the most appealing service they offer…though, if I remember right, I think more parishioners attend the earlier Masses (I used to attend the 9:30 AM Mass for a time). The 5 PM Mass alternates between a traditional adult choir, as well as a youth “house” band that performs contemporary Christian music, as well as the traditional hymns.

    I actually left a message with the Music Ministry, to offer my vocal and instrumental services, but I received no voicemail response when I got back from vacation. They do hold their rehearsals on Thursday nights; perhaps I’ll stop by…

  2. I’ve been ravenously devouring everything you’ve been writing in LJ about your vacation, especially the part about your triumph at the karaoke bar. I’m glad that you’ve offered your talents to St. Angela Merici’s. The 91 score would seem to suggest that you would be a good fit for them.

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