Skye salutes


Wouldn’t it be great if people made a big fuss over me like that when I start a new job?

All kidding aside, let me start by giving a big angel bear salute to the new 44th President of these United States, Barack H. Obama.

He’s that big. He’s that good. I can’t wait to re-read his Inaugural Address that I downloaded from

There is one thing that I learned a couple weeks ago. I learned the meaning of the Hebrew word barach.

barach (bə•rok´) — v. to kneel or bow in reverence to God as an act of adoration.

I wonder if the new President knows this. A man of faith who made reference to the teachings of Christ in his Inaugural Address, he probably does.

One thought on “Saaaaa-Lute!!!

  1. *checks CNN and bookmarks* Hey, thanks for pointing that out, good sir! I fell asleep soon after the swearing-in, so I only recall the first few paragraphs. Definitely gonna’ read that, or watch the speech in its entirety, after work tomorrow.

    Oh, and that’s a fantastic drawing of Skye. Nice and patriotic; makes me want to stand up and raise my paw, as well!

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