Cheer bear

I’m happy. Quite happy. The paycheck that came in today was a large one. Large enough so I can eat my self-reward take-out dinner from Mark Pi’s Express without guilt. And it was good and satisfying as always.

February 2009 at Breckenridge Apartments is all but assured. And the electricity is all paid up. No danger at all of losing my Internet, my computer, and the electricity that powers it all. It is well with my electronic soul. And a new 1GB MP3 player has been ordered from eBay. The cheap kind, that sells for $15.00 and the delivery is free.

At present, nothing threatens my plans to buy a refurbished computer with a faster processor that the Internet will not cease to support. I really want a newer, faster computer, because my Micron tower will not run Google Earth, and I really have my heart set on doing some virtual sightseeing in lots of cities this year. I got wanderlust, and I got it bad. This angel bear absolutely, positively has to fly from city to city and see what’s out there.

But Mycroft Bunny does not approve of my intent to buy a refurbished computer. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I should engage in some careful shopping. At Wal*Mart.


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