When the refund comes

Spending myself silly

Once again, I pulled up the checkbook program in my PDA and immediately wrote out all the automatic and mandatory charges. Among the mandatory charges are some $86 to bring my electricity up to date, and $103 to catch up my student loan payments. Already, I’m down to some food money and the rent and the heat.

The student loan people had sent their tele-collectors out after me, and I promised them the amount they were seeking, which leaves me to wonder what I might’ve done for rent and heat and electricity had yesterday’s paycheck not been as generous as it was. It turned into a prime example of how desperation in the days before a paycheck comes will turn into more desperation in the days before the next paycheck comes.

When the refund comes

When my tax refund comes, Number One on the agenda will be to pay off the balance of my loan to (I did not) Think Cash. This will put a final end to the $90.23 out of every paycheck going to greedy, predatory userers and start some $65-$70 out of every paycheck going to my church, the way it should. If I have money left over for the refurbished computer, I’ll get that.

This year is going to be sooo different. No more stupid mistakes involving fee-based credit cards and Internet payday lenders. This year, I start giving God what belongs to Him.


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