Storm Apathy

skyesleepAngels are not supposed to sleep. I believe sleeping to be one of the curses of being a carbon-based life form and energy-based life forms like angels should be blissfully free of it. The reason for this illustration is the attitude I’ve been taking over the snow and ice storms of the past couple of days.


Snowstorms make me apathetic for some reason. During each of the last three days, I would go home, make a short read of my email, go to bed until around 3:00 PM, get up, eat what serves me for dinner, then the next thing I want to do is go back to bed for three more hours. Watching all that snow and ice come down has not been good for the morale; I am seemingly unwilling to leave my apartment to do anything.

Sleep. Nothing but sleep. I don’t even have any desire to read any of the blogs I have ported over to my Palm PDA.

Night shift

Gotta be a resourceful jack of all trades here. The various databases and diagnostic tools that we use at work are regularly taken down for scheduled maintenance during the wee hours, leaving us to express remorse to the customers.


Still waiting on an MP3 player that I purchased from eBay. If memory serves me correctly, this one is a 1 GB model, with a voice recorder in it. Stores up to 250 songs, not that I’m going to collect that much music. It may still be useful for podcasting and image storage.

Still don’t know if I’m called to do a podcast yet.


One thought on “Storm Apathy

  1. D’aww, but Skye looks so peaceful…

    Some days, I wish I could sleep through the whole day; some days, I’d rather do without. It doesn’t depend so much on the weather–like I’ve said before, I love rainstorms–as it does when there are things I want to do, or do not want to do.

    Case in point: I took a nap after work Friday (10~2 PM PST), in the hopes of working on a project later. After a few errands, and having supper, I’m ready to get started…until I get a phone call.

    It’s my dad. He wants me to come over (early) Saturday morning to “help” him put sealant in my parents’ chimney.

    That’s a day I’d like to sleep through.

    Consequently, I dozed off Friday night, from 7-9 PM. I’d like to brew some coffee and work on my project, but there’s the next morning…

    To java, or not to java. That is the question.

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