My new couch.

My new couch.

I had a very productive weekend. I helped move two people to new addresses, and in return received the mini sofa you see here. This is great. Until moving day, I had only an office chair and a plastic patio chair to sit on throughout the entire apartment.

I bought a new cell phone and MP3 player, received my state tax refund, and put in an in-costume appearance at Rayvenwolfe‘s furmeet at Sequoia Pro Bowl.

Much remains to be done, but some of that is now feasable thanks to the cell phone. The BillPay 2000 outfit through which I make monthly payments to my debt management plan needs to be made aware of the new bank account I’ve been forced to open early in December. They are accessible only through an 800 number. They offer no other phone number, no web site, no mailing address, no crystal ball, no scrying spell, nor other means of contacting them.

My MagicJack phone is incapable of dialing 800 numbers. A glaring oversight, indeed.

Man, I can’t wait to listen to Mike & Mike In the Morning to see where XLIII ranks alongside the great Super Bowls to ever be played. Call me crazy, but when Pittsburgh had vanquished the last opponent of the year, my thoughts immediately went to the opponent called history. The Vince Lombardi Trophy just wasn’t good enough. Is this game the greatest Super Bowl ever played? Did it beat all other programming in the Neilsen ratings? Did it sell more soap?

It was the same way when Ohio State won the national championship in January 2003. My imagination immediately found new opponents for the Buckeyes. Would the Fiesta Bowl beat all other programming in the Nielsen ratings? Would the Bucks beat all other schools in players taken in the NFL draft? Would the NFL adopt the college system of resolving games tied at the end of regulation play? I just wasn’t satisfied with just the championship. There had to be other ways to defeat all comers.

I guess it’s just my nature to be dissatisfied with everything. The winning should spread to everything it touches. At what point will I call the struggle for the grand prize ended?


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