Citizen’s Sidearm

breakglassI’m not much of a talker. That LG cell phone on my hip, I like to call it my “Citizen’s Sidearm”. And like a police sidearm, I keep it peace-bonded, and will use it only when I’m forced to.

With that in mind, just whose names should go into the Contacts book in the cell phone? The cell phone contacts book is far more sacred than your Friends list on LiveJournal, or list of followers on Twitter. One needs only the slightest curiosity about a person in order to “friend” them on LiveJournal.

Not so the cell phone. It’s not for everybody. It’s only for those people with whom I actively deal. If you can’t help me materially either now or at some point in the future, you’re not going to have a place there. Nothing personal, I merely insist that every contact there is useful for something.

I’m a tough dude. I will not call anybody for the purpose of whining to them. That’s what the college-ruled notebook paper in the kitchen is there for. I pour my daily gripes onto that. I see no need for emotional support, so that’s not a factor that goes into whom I choose for my cell phone contacts. My cell phone contacts tend to be business-only contacts, and I don’t have many business contacts.

This wonderful gadget may not see much use.


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