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The blog stats for today showed a respectable 12 readers, and one the sites from which the readers came over was Swift Heart’s Rabbit Hole a forum site for fans of Care Bears.

I personally can’t figure out why grownups could follow something sappy enough to supply a maple syrup factory for a year, but I have my own issues, some of which was paraded through the now-defunct Rappy World. Who am I to gripe?

It was in this site that Phoenix Audubon had begun to post his fanfic El Buen Pastor (“The Good Shepherd”). The white bear has run his story under my nose for potential changes, and I’m happy so say he’s done a great job with it, and I’m also quite happy to be able to point you his way. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the much-deserved audience.

3 thoughts on “Phoenix writing

  1. Well, in my defense, the “Care Bears” series in the 80s didn’t seem so “sappy” when I watched it back then…granted, I was only six, but I have it on DVD now, and I stand by that. I will concede, however, that since their return in 2002, they have become quite saccharine; some of that could simply be that I’m 20 years older…bah, none of that’s important.

    I spent Sunday night trying to post EBP into a more “general interest” site. Unfortunately, that turned out to be an exercise in futility. One reason why I envy visual artists, like yourself, good sir, is that it’s so easy to show your wares. At DeviantArt, for example, any images, whether drawn or photographed or whatnot, have a simple uploading process.

    The same, however, cannot be said for written works. Rather that being able to upload document files directly, the text must be copied into DA’s propietary entry field…and even then, only 65,535 characters at a time, including whitespace; for comparison, EBP#1 contains 75,350 characters, which means that I would have to “chop up” the story. Furthermore, formatting isn’t preserved, so I would have to add the <b>/<i>/et cetera tags to restore the accentuations…and those characters count towards the 65K limit.

    When I tried to ask a DeviantArt admin for help uploading text, she ended up pointing me to another forum where other authors frequent, because she said she “doesn’t use those kind of files very much.” (Another visual artist, I gather.) In the #getLIT room, the users there confirmed the hardships of submitting poetry & prose to DA. One user said that he’s been hounding on the DA management to reformat the written submission process for years, but to no avail.

    Suffice it to say, this isn’t the first I’ve been affected by such a “bias”…

    The only other option I have at the moment is FictionPress. However, after I registered, when I tried to upload the story there (it’s the same process used at, where my previous works are displayed), I was informed that there was a 48-hour waiting period before I could upload.

    Huh? I’m trying to present a story. I’m not purchasing firearms, for goodness sake!

    *sighs* Guess I’ve got some transcribing to do…time to make another pot of coffee.

    Oh, one more thing–Mr. Swift Heart Rabbit would politely like to point out that the name of his forum is “Swift Heart’s Rabbit Hole“, not “Den”. But, he does appreciate the mention.

    Good day, good sir!

  2. Oops. I meant to mention the “b” and “i” HTML tags, but that didn’t work the way it was supposed to do…

  3. I corrected the title of Swift Heart’s web site. Thank you for pointing it out to me.
    And in that one comment, I’m sure you meant for those angle brackets to appear in the text, so I replaced them with “&lt;” and “&gt;” respectively. (Those are the HTML codes for the characters that are normally supposed to surround HTML tags.)

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