Lexmark loses a customer

I have bought my absolute last Lexmark printer.

I bought my last cartridge of ink for my Lexmark X2470 All-in-One printer remanufactured from an eBay based store called InkSmart. When I installed the cartridge, there was a sticker on the plastic wrapper that warned me that I would get pop-ups from the printer driver program still claiming that the cartridge is empty. Just ignore it and keep printing, the manufacturer of the cartridge said. Sounded fair enough.

The new printhead got through only a few pages and then completely stopped all at once. This is weird because the printer makes black out of a combination of yellow, cyan, and magenta ink, which is bound to be used at different rates. When the whole printhead gave out, all three colors at once, I figured it had to be some kind of a software microchip kind of thing ordering the printer to go on strike until it gets a real, authentic Lexmark cartridge.

I searched to web to see if Lexmark was indeed using such anti-counterfeiting countermeasures, and sure enough, they are. When a company named Static Control Components started manufacturing a chip that tried to fool certain brands of Lexmark laser printers into allowing use of their toner cartridges, Lexmark sued them for copyright infringement under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998. Here’s an article that tells about all their chicanery.

I didn’t buy a cheap printer just to get legally or electronically locked into buying printer ink that cost more per ounce than imported Russian caviar. I’ll throw away my Lexmark printer before I’ll ever buy another Lexmark One cartridge!

Can you suggest a printer/copier/scanner combo of a different brand that I can buy in the near future?


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