At ease with furries

Ever read Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand? I downloaded my copy at Project Gutenberg. Unfortunately, it’s not Brian Hooker’s translation that José Ferrer knocks out of the park for a Best Actor Oscar in the 1950 movie (available on YouTube), but I still like how it’s written. I can’t help but admire a man who can hack away at a Viscount with a sword and compose a ballad at the same time.

Well, if this Cyrano had what we in this day and age would call a “fanboi”, it would have to be the pastry chef Ragueneau. Much of his potential profit goes to fill the bellies of a bunch of freeloading poets who buy his wares with their verse. Says Ragueneau of the poets, “Ah! how quick a man feels at his ease with them!”

His constant feeding of these layabouts eventually led to the bankruptcy of his pastry house, as early as somewhere before the start of Scene 3. That’s where he bemoans the loss of both the shop and his wife Lise, and was distraught to the point of attempting to take his own life. Cyrano cuts him down from his noose and begs his cousin to look after him.

Which brings me to the consideration of the furry fandom. I’m not saying I’m seeing any freeloaders in the fandom, but I do see a lot of Ragueneau’s reckless thinking in what a furry is willing to spend and put up with to be with the people who make him feel at ease. Many furries are willing to bankrupt themselves to be with one another. As fragile as their hold on their jobs is, I don’t think that to be wise.

I’ve already embarked upon some fact-finding on the costs of a potential trip to the next Ocean City Doo-Dah Parade in April. Already I’m counting costs in excess of $200, just to drive out there on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, eat two formal dinners, and drive back. Being with fellow furries is way too expensive, done the way they like to do it.

So that’s why I’m advertising a $1 Movie Meet to take place at the Screens at the Continent next Wednesday. Movie for $1, popcorn for $1 … can’t possibly go wrong.


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