Landline phone shopping

After February, the question comes up of what to do with $180 per month I am no longer paying to a greedy Internet loan shark.

I am being strongly encouraged to return to working from home. Some of that money will have to be invested into landline phone service, and when I have the service reinstated, I’ll have to do what no other Work@Home agent has ever done: go through every company’s service contract with a fine-tooth comb, making sure nothing is in there that forbids call center work.

Do I even dare to tell the phone company I need the service specifically to do call center work from home? I have a magicJack. I have no personal need for landline telephone service, only a business need. All of the company’s Work@Home agents are abusing their residential phone service. Asking around for residential phone service specifically for the purpose of abusing it doing call center work sounds very unethical, and makes me wonder how MCI Telephone put up with this practice for nearly a year.

I guess if you paid me $60 each month, I would be tolerant of almost anything.


One thought on “Landline phone shopping

  1. They more or less have to put up with it because the person who is using the phone service isn’t a corporate entity. If the line were in the company’s name, and it were a residential line, then you’d be more on the money with your assumption of business misuse. I’m pretty sure the telephone company is aware lots of people telecommute.

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