Time waster

The new Dell Optiplex GX280 computer that I bought at Micro Center one week ago is already starting to show its potential as a colossal time-waster. Since bringing it home and taking the necessary steps to guard it against virus infection, I have discovered Google Earth, rediscovered YouTube (where I have this page), and found a flight simulator in the back of one of my CD cases called FlightGear.

I’m finding I’m too easily sucked into those wasteful pasttimes. The difference in performance between the Dell and the Micron is like night versus day. I can finally view videos on YouTube seamlessly, and in full-screen mode. Google Earth allows me to “fly” around and see the world, and even has its own flight simulator, but then I remembered that I had a CD-ROM disk with FlightGear on it that I originally intended for my old Micron tower computer. It never worked on the Micron, but it works in spades on the new Optiplex.

I love flying make-believe aircraft. Perhaps too much. It’s taking me away from more important things.

Gad! If I were God, I’d take the Dell away from me. I can’t be trusted do my appointed work with it. I feel guilty. I feel like I’m not using my new equipment for what I should be using it.

Galen the Saintly

Galen the Saintly

But then again, for what should I be using it? My blog at WordPress? That would be the easiest thing, but the people from the Christian Comic Arts Society have discovered my whereabouts, and now I feel that I’m letting the comics community down. Ralph Ellis Miley is going to comics conventions with—horrors!—no new material from me!

What does God want from me? A regularly published blog? Or a comic book? A podcast? There are so many things I could conceivably do, and paying Paul means robbing Peter. Continuing Big Skye’s Country means turning the fans of Galen the Saintly away sad. And seeing what I can do in the way of podcasting would let both of the above parties down.

I lack direction at this point. And I could use some.

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