Learning Blender

blenderconfusedI’m happy to say that I have found a more satisfying and productive alternative to Second Life. It is in an open source freeware animation program called Blender. From what I’ve heard of the program, it’s very professional quality, and should do better than any other program out there of realizing my dream of animating short cartoons for church. My goal is to have an animated video clip done by August.

Already, the enemy realizes how dangerous I can be when fully trained. He’s tempting me with thoughts of sleep.

Right now, I’m in the relatively boring process of reading the online tutorials and poking around the program, trying to gain some knowledge of what each button and keystroke does. I have started with the requisite cube in 3D space and have learned how to add a sphere and a cylinder and the head of a monkey.

Bah! I don’t want a monkey. I want a bear. And I want the whole body of one, and I want it to move and talk and dance and…

But we have not even started upon the path of Blender. You must learn patience, child.

Oh well. At least I’m not being asked to meditate and say, “Ommmmm…”


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