Long, arduous process

skyefu001Blender training

My self-training in the 3D animation software Blender begins apace. I found out what Sculpt Mode does, which is a little bit early for my level of training, and tried to use it to sculp a head out of a mesh sphere. It doesn’t work quite the way I had hoped. Oh well. Gotta keep learning.

One of the things that the tutorials would have me do is construct a crude humanoid figure out of cubes, the kind which you start with every time you boot up Blender. It is here where my pride gets the best of me.

“Me? Do that?!! I’m a skilled cartoonist! There’s no way I can do that and feel good about signing my name to it! There’s gotta be some other way!”

At the feet of the Master

I have a bad case of Ed Gruberman. I want to learn all the “nifty moves” up front, and think that wearing the “pajamas” is all I need to be ready for them. I need, as amazing as it may seem to Christians whom Jesus may come to collect as early as later today, patience. Granted, I don’t have beating people up in mind, but the impatience is still there.

There is the danger that I could become too enamored with the nifty moves that Jesus has given to me to know now. The 70 ministers that Jesus sent out to preach in his name (Luke 10) came back undoubtedly impressed with all the demonic tail they could suddenly kick in the Lord’s name. I can readily identify with that feeling, as I myself judge myself by the nifty things that I can do. It’s a hard thing to do to throw my own abilities into the trash and trust instead in what Jesus wants to do that I obviously cannot. I am prideful. I want to do what I do best, in spite of the fact that the enemy probably has people in his stable who can outdistance it by miles. Only the name of Jesus can effectively fight the enemy.

I would appreciate some prayer for the patience the Lord obviously wants me to have.


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