Blender progress

More about my progress in learning Blender

I learned about Edit Mode, learned how to highlight and move the vertices at the corner of the little bitty triangles and quadrilaterals that make up larger figures, learned how to extrude edges, and by the end of the night learned how to model the basic “gumdrop” shape upon which I base most of my characters’ heads.

So far, so good. My learning is going very much the direction I want it to go, toward the construction of characters’ body parts.

It’s got me asking questions. Should Skye’s robe be animated separately from his body? Or would that create work that I won’t have time for later on?

Answers to those questions will probably come later as I work with the program.

5 thoughts on “Blender progress

  1. Well, I’ve started Blender fairly recently as well. It seems, like your off to a good start.

    I’ll throw in the suggestion (if you haven’t already found it) of the Subsurf modifier (Hit F9 > Looks around in the bottom tab until you see the modifiers panel). This can give your lower poly models a really smooth feel.

    Also, I wouldn’t recommend sculpt mode for anything besides touch ups.

    For the robe, blender has a built in Cloth Simulator, which could turn out to be just what you want.

  2. Just adding the fact that the cloth simulator will take a lot of render time, especially when combined with the normal animated motion of the bear.
    As a classical animator (Not 3d!), lots of Blender‘s mechanics should be fairly easy for you to master!

  3. Here’s something cool: Blender wireframes are compatible with Second Life, so if you get yourself looking good in Blender, you can look the same way in SL (SL‘s a great way to learn a lot about 3-D modeling and a pretty good use for Blender; lots of Blender geeks are found in SL). Let me know and I can find someone who can help you with that further.

  4. Very good suggestion, Baloo! I never knew that about Second Life.

    By the way, you wouldn’t have any special reasons for trying to get me over to 2L, would you?

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