Hand and foot

After some subsurface modeling and smoothing, I have what I think is a decent-looking handpaw and footpaw model to use in my animated characters in Blender 3D. I can now start the head all over again and eventually start on the torso.

I would have to say that I am well ahead of my deadline for having Skye Goodfellow completely modeled by the end of April. I can now start the head again and see if I can get that going, and in the meantime, continue my learning of the software.

If I can get the entire character modeled and clothed and the armature put in and the first animation tests completed, I intend to reward myself by taking the wireframe model into Second Life, where Baloo waits for me.

But I can’t figure out what’s so good about Second Life, or what waits for me there.


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